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Sylvanian Families: The Fairyland Pendant v1.1b (IPS)
My first completed fan translation project. Still very buggy and contains one prominent translation mistake (“Otogi no Kuni” means “Fairyland”, but it’s officially “Misty Forest” outside of Japan). A cute little RPG in the vein of Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing. Aster Dandelion ends up in the possession of the fairies’ magic pendant, and she must find a way to return it to them. A full playthrough takes only a few hours, but Sylvania Village and its surroundings are full of sidequests, minigames and collectibles.
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Sylvanian Melodies v1.0 (UPS)
Sylvanian Melodies is a rhythm-action game in the vein of Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero. The fairies are up to mischief again and have covered all of Sylvania Village in clouds. Willow Cottontail ends up drafted by them to gather up the scattered Cloud Seeds and save the day. It’s easy even on its highest difficulty setting, but it’s got some nice chiptune music.
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Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation v1.2b (IPS)
The classic SNES RPG is reborn with graphical enhancements, an animated intro and a brand-new translation. d4s and Team BoF2 are responsible for the original German version of the patch and its impressive overhaul; the English version features some further revisions and bugfixes. It’s missing the 3D world map effect and the transparent battle menus from the German version, but they were removed because they were causing problems. In addition, the ability to purchase stacks of up to 9 items at once has been restored.
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Need to know if your copy of the Breath of Fire 2 ROM will work with the patch? Try the BoF2 ROM Check application!

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