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Solarobo 4koma Chapter 1: Brother & Sister

by on Jun.12, 2010, under Watercrown Productions

So it’s not Liar Game. It’s not Breath of Fire. Hell, it’s not even Sylvanian Families. So what? Allow me to alleviate the wait for Watercrown Productions’ Next Big Thing by presenting you with Watercrown Productions’ Next Little Thing: a translation of CyberConnect2’s first 4koma strip for Tail Concerto’s long-awaited spiritual successor, Solarobo.

Read it in the original Japanese here.


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  • BP

    Yay! You’re not dead!!

    what exactly is this? o.O

    Who’s CyberConnect42, Tail Concerto, and Solarobo?

    I think this might have something to do with Monster Hunter, but…

    Still, even if I have no idea what it is, it seems scanlated very well :3 Yay!

    • Ryusui

      CyberConnect2 is the developer behind the .hack series as well as the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja games. However, their first title was a PS1 game called Tail Concerto. Atlus published it in English; being one of their earlier localization efforts, it’s a little rough around the edges (the original intro theme is gone, plus some of the bonus content, and there are a couple of rather blatant mistranslations), but it’s still very much playable and the English dub is excellent overall.

      Solarobo is the spiritual successor to Tail Concerto: it’s set in the same world, but a different part of it. There’s still Dog-People and Cat-People running about in their giant robots, though the schizo-fantasy dynamic seems to have been rebalanced slightly more in favor of sci-fi with a dash of steampunk. It’s also one of my most anticipated titles, and I really hope it shows up at E3 with a U.S. publisher already lined up. :3

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