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Second Verse, Same As The First?

by on Oct.09, 2009, under Breath of Fire 2, Watercrown Productions

The BoF2 Retranslation is now version 1.2b, fixing a few more typos as well as one obscure bug with the Shaman interface (more info in the readme).

Get it here.

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  • Mike Gillman

    I just have a few questions. #1. I can Dl the new patch but i can not unzip it. it says the file is corrupted 🙁 can you e-mail me the file? please? and #2 how do I install it? I’m using snes9x and running a BoF2 rom. Thanks so very very much!

  • That One Guy

    I’ve got two questions:
    1. When will the final patch for BoFII be out.
    2. Could you possibly do a retranslation of Breath of Fire I? I’d like to play through that first before trying out the sequel. That’s just how I roll.

    • Ryusui

      1. The patch is out. It’s been out since April 2009.
      2. It’s…in the works. Can’t provide a release date yet (it’s run into a few hurdles), but hopefully it’ll be out…someday. ^_^;

  • That One Guy

    I’m glad about how quickly you replied. I was expecting whatever patch that was actually final to say that. Never mind that one.
    Can’t wait to see your BoF1 translation! Keep up the good work!

  • defunct32

    I just wanna say thanks ever so much for the quality re-translation the whole game now is a million time more professional. Just a note though, when playing the ROM on PSP using SNES 9x TYL emulator the game tend to randomly freeze albeit quite rarely but it does happen, maybe it’s just not meant to be played on a handheld? 😛 but still nothing’s stopping me from enjoying this game even more so with your amazing translation!

    Please do send my regards to each and every one who were involved in making this project possible, truly, sincerely appreciated it!

    Thank you!

    • Ryusui

      Yeah, emulation on handhelds isn’t 100% perfect; it probably doesn’t help matters that the retrans pushes the hardware a bit more (gradient effects, VWF, the intro, etc.)

      Anyway, thanks for the kudos!

  • defunct32

    Hi Ryu,

    Yes, but I re-downloaded another fresh ROM copy which has been working quite well ever since been fighting and power leveling for hours now and no sign of freezing so far (keeping my fingers crossed still).

    My previous file was 3.18 MB after patching in the properties but total file size still display as 4 MB but the new file I’ve downloaded both display as 4 MB in the properties — not sure if this got to do with anything?

    Anyway will be waiting for your BoF I re-translation and hopefully someone can do a re-translation of BoF 3 as well, haha, I am so asking for so much but oh well! Grateful for whatever we have here.

    Thank you and keep up the good and quality work! 🙂

  • Sean

    Thanks for all the hard work, but when I load the rom with the ips in my ZSNES, it makes a Blast sound effect and gives a screen flash, and then the screen gets dark and nothing happens. I’ve made sure the rom works without the ips, so I can only believe it has to do with your patch. Any help with this would be swell.

    • Ryusui

      Are you using an unheadered ROM?

      See, I couldn’t get the German patch to work for the longest time because it not only required a headered ROM, it required a specific header which I couldn’t find for the longest. So I said, “screw that,” and made the patch with an unheadered ROM. The upshot of this is that any BoF2 ROM will work; the problem is, if your ROM has a header, you need to remove it before it will work properly.

      Failing that, it sounds like you’re soft-patching the ROM. If you are using an unheadered ROM, try applying the patch to the ROM (and then removing the patch from the directory; otherwise, ZSNES will try to soft-patch the already-patched ROM).

  • Amy

    Hi! I watched playthroughs involving this translation and it is awesome. Breath of Fire II has been one of my favorite games and its good to see it have this treatment.

    The problem I have is I have an unheadered rom – I had to have someone give me one because I wasn’t able to remove it on my own. I applied the patch and it always gives me an error screen, asking if I patched it correctly.

    Any clue as to what to do is appreciative!

    • Ryusui

      You are patching the unzipped file, right? Also, is the unpatched ROM exactly 3MB in size? Does it boot properly in an emulator before you apply the patch?

      Lastly, do the patch and the ROM have the same filename, apart from the extension (i.e. BOF2.SMC in the same directory as BOF2.IPS)? If so, then the emulator is likely trying to “soft-patch” the already-patched ROM. Change the filename of one or the other, or put the IPS in a different directory.

  • Amy

    Wow your fast, man.

    Yes I have unzipped the file. It is 3MB in size, I checked to make sure my friend got it correctly…. but unfortunately, it doesn’t boot properly before applying the patch.

    The patch and the ROM are not the same name, that I will have to fix. The problem in finding an unheadered rom is the patchers to remove the header dont work with Winsows 7 which is what I have on a laptop.

  • Ryusui

    Actually, it’s better if the patch and the ROM don’t have the same name – that way the emulator won’t try to patch the patched ROM.

    What about your emulator? Which one are you using? Do any other games boot properly?

  • Amy

    Yeah, the other games boot properly. I have ZSNES since its the most stable one there is.

    This new emulator I discovered is also unheadered, its 3 MB that I got and it works without patching. I have worked with it with other games and they work wonderfully.

    Just once I place the IPS Patch in using Lunar IPS which puts it to 4.0 MB, the screen of First Time verifying activates… and fails.

    This is without the extras.

  • Ryusui

    Huh. You’re sure it’s exactly 3MB? If you’re running Windows, right-click on it and select “Properties”. “File Size” and “Size on Disk” should be exactly the same. If they’re not, then the ROM is headered (because it’s an odd size, 3MB + 512 bytes).

    Alternately, try booting the ROM in Geiger’s Snes9x. It’s a debugging emulator, but it has one useful function: it will detect the header, if present, and prompt you if you want to remove it. Basically, it’s the simplest GUI method to remove the header that I know of.

  • Amy

    Alright – I’ll try what I can. it’ll be difficult because a lot of these older programs do not work with Windows 7(Error messages and all).

    If all else fails, do you know someone who has already installed these components onto the rom and has the patched rom somewhere?

  • Ryusui


    If you can’t get it to work, I’ll see what I can do.

  • Amy

    I was able to get it to FINALLY work. Thank you so much for your help!

  • Ryusui

    You’re welcome. Did Geiger’s do the trick?

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