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Liar Game Chapter #111: Bonds

by on Apr.20, 2010, under Scanlations

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Leronira and Solario show up to explain Akiyama’s game-changing revelation: this game of Musical Chairs is in fact a high-stakes game of Risk, played with the entire island as the board and the all-important chairs as territories to conquer and hold. In the meantime, Akiyama reveals that there is one final preparation their freshly-founded nation must take if they want to wrest control of the game from the Harimoto Group…


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  • Anon

    Thanks for the release!

  • Nick of All Trades


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    Naljnl, vg’f abg yvxr ur vf gur genvgbe.
    Fb, abj gung Anb unf orra ryrpgrq Yrnqre, jung punve ner gurl tbvat gb ryvzvangr? Gur bayl punve V pna guvax bs gurl xabj gur ahzore bs vf #14, gur bar Onatf gbbx sebz Tynffrf. Abg gung vg znggref, frrvat nf gurl unq n punve gb fcner.
    Gunax lbh sbe gur eryrnfr, Ze Jngrepebja! Njrfbzr nf nyjnlf!
    P.S: What are you going to do once you caught up with the releases on Mangafox?

  • ~Red Head~

    Heck yes!! I love Liar Game!

    Great work guys!

  • silvara4ever

    God thanks guys! My Liar Game withdrawal syndrome was really starting to kick in. You now, the more we get, the more we want lol…

    Thanks a million for such fast and good releases. What would I do without you.

    Anyway, I’m also curious about what are you planning to do once you catch up with the Mangafox releases. I haven’t read them, so I don’t know about their quality…

  • Thanks

    I just wanted to express my gratitude. Keep up the good work!


  • Danaroth

    Thanks again for the chapter 😀
    Now that Nao is the leader I guess the only reasonable choice for a chair to remove is the one “Four Eye” had stolen from “Forelock”. If they are lucky they also know another chair to remove: the one Nao saw, but was already taken by “Forelock” himself (his back cleary left some space for Nao to see the number), but that may actually be the same (even if Yokoya does like to randomize things a lot in his plans :P). Hopefully other characters saw some other chairs too.
    Is it admitted to cover the number on the back of the chair with some adhesive tape or something like that (eg covering it with jackets and such?)

  • dave

    moar chapters please

  • anon

    Seriously dude, you’re killing me here. The last update was on April 20th! I know scanlating is essentially charity on your part, but if you’ve taken up the reigns on this project then I hope you’ll continue to see it through!


    Don’t worry. We’ll release more, but Ryusui is busy with other stuff at the moment. Please wait a few more days.

  • Martello

    114 is our.

  • pewpew

    SLAiNTRAX just hearing that it’s delayed is better than hearing nothing at all. I for one will patiently wait until I can get my next fix but knowing that it’s coming eventually is a great relief. <3

  • Name

    Way to go Watercrown, and thanks for liar game……………… GAH I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WAT HAPPENS! Hahaha I am sooooo Akiyama, I can think of a lot of solution just like him.

  • Coozy

    Once slow old water crown catches up with mangafox i will be leaving forever. I suggest Everybody does the same. Hijacking a series from somebody else and then doing a worse job s unacceptable. GO MANGAFOX!!!

  • anon

    I don’t understand the politics of the situation fully, but Cityshrimp was (at the very least) undeniably consistent. That being said, as long as Watercrown pumps out issues of Liar Game, I will continue to read them.

    It really makes no difference to me who translates the scans as long as they’re legible at the end of the process. Whoever scans them first is the one I will read.

  • Jon-Boy

    The politics of scanlating smaller mangas are silly. The big 3 (naruto, bleach, one piece), and other more popular mangas have numerous scanlators putting them out, thus fostering a competitive atmosphere and quick releases. Liar game on the other hand keeps getting passed around to different scanlators and none of them are ever in a situation where they can lose their fanbase if they are not diligent with the releases. If I remember correctly, It started out with Null (at least when I started reading), who over time became so slow (aka they stopped releasing chapters), that Project Liar Game picked it up. he was probably the quickest scanlator of the series (even up to now) But apparently null wanted it back and started complaining about some unwritten scanlator law that says you cant scanlate a series that another group is scanlating. So Project Liar Game stopped and Null began once again, The dude from project liar game even offered to help null but they refused his offer. Unsurprisingly null stopped soon after strong arming it away from Project Liar Game. After not too long cityshrimp began and all was well once again until watercrown(specifically Ryusui) began posting unflattering remarks on his website and boasting about how he would do a better job. So cityshrimp quit and here we are. 3 weeks without a chapter.

    Until we have people dedicated enough to not quit liar game as soon as a competitor arises we will have to deal with delays of however long the scanlators feel. I just want to know whats gonna happen when the gap between watercrown and whoever scanlates the chapters at mangafox gcloses. Will we have another scanlation group quit on us?

  • Ryusui

    First off: I offered to help Cityshrimp. His scanlations of Liar Game badly needed a proofreader/editor. His response basically came out to “lolno, I’m just doing this as a hobby, it’d be too much trouble.”

    Second off: he quit because I jumped in and scanlated 98 first. If he wanted to keep scanlating, I wouldn’t have stopped him. Instead, he more or less said I’d taken a load off his shoulders and took up scanlating a different manga (Bartender, IIRC). So yes, in retrospect, “hijacking” the manga was a jerk move, but Cityshrimp himself seems to feel I did him a favor.

    Third off: the current chapter has been delayed due to circumstances beyond my control. SLAiNTRAX, who has been doing the cleans since #105, has run into some technical difficulties and hasn’t been able to work on this chapter yet, and I’ve had some similar problems with the actual translation. As soon as the cleans are done, I’ll get to work typesetting them.

    Fourth off: the presence of another scanlator has in no way dampened my resolve to continue scanlating Liar Game. In fact, if I have the support of the fans, I’m seriously considering scanlating the chapters that TDX has already done. (Seriously…”Gaya?” What’s wrong with calling them “Extras” like I do?)

  • s.o

    that’s all well and fine, but can you at least give us an estimation on when the next chapter is gonna get released? please? ok thanks so much.

  • Ryusui

    I can’t make any promises, but I’ll get to typesetting as soon as I get the cleaned pages. “This week” is about all I can say on the subject.

  • Kristie

    i hope project liar game would translate liar game again. they’re the best. and it would be good if some scanlators are competing 😀
    sorry for annoying you, dedicated scanlators. we really are doing nothing but reading and complaining.
    it’s good enough to have someone translate liar game online since they’re not publishing it on indonesia (why oh why)
    no offense but, i miss project liar game 🙁
    but still, tysm for translating liar game, you guys.

  • Ryusui

    With the crackdown on scans from Shueisha (and hence a dearth of Liar Game RAWs to work from), it’s really a shame that Viz hasn’t picked this up already. They’re just about the only company currently publishing manga in English that I’d trust with this series…

  • silvara4ever

    @ Ryusui: What?? Does that mean that Liar Game is currently NOT being published? What happened there?

    As for the whole Null-liargameproject “battle”, I was first in line when that happened, and I can pretty much say that that version written before was false. The complaining, the hating, the insults and so on didn’t come from any of the websites, but from the fans, who ironically did a good job in making the guy in Liargameproject quit practically scared. Yeah, that IS the way to have more Liar Game, bravo people. And by the way, Null accepted LGP’s help, but it the end it couldn’t be.

    So if we continue like this and start creating the same atmosphere here, you know how it’s gonna end.

    On the other side, there should be no “politics” when it comes to scanlating different projects. If you think you can do a better job, go on and do it, nobody should get angry. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of time and it’s not easy to get raws (not to mention the translation from Japanese, of course, but that’s a given).

  • Ryusui

    If it were being published in English, do you think I’d be scanlating it? ^_^;

    Though, to be honest, if there was an English publisher and they were doing a really crappy job of it – I’m looking at you, Tokyopop – then I guess nowadays I’d probably scanlate it anyway. XD At least I don’t expect to be paid $10 a volume for a half-translated piece of garbage that gets most of the names wrong. >_>

  • Oh Please

    The only scanlation group that I genuinely had a problem with was null. Project Liar game had no backbone I guess because he stopped scanlating specifically due to null claiming “they had it first”. Lots of flaming went back and forth between the fans but null holds the blame because i vividly remember them refusing to accept project liar games help. They had the audacity to be upset with him for picking up the series (which they had left dead for months) and then when he gave it back they leave it dead in just a few months… We should be grateful watercrown doesnt operate like Null

  • Martello

    By the way you will also get 128 and 129 missing 125-127. He he he.

  • silvara4ever

    @ Ryusui: Woops lol… I’m not really a magazine person, I thought you meant it’s not being published in Japanese… Hence my freaking-out moment.

    @ Oh Please: I’m not with Null. In fact, I may be playing devil’s advocate here, but they did ask PLG to help with Roots of A. In the end, Roots of A was published by virtually all scanlation groups BUT Null. No idea what happened there…

    And on another topic, did Null say anywhere that they have definitely dropped Liar Game? Cause I haven’t seen such statement, did I miss it?

  • Oh Please

    A quick look on nulls websites doesnt show Liar Game as dropped. If they ever try to pull the same stund on Watercrown that they did to Project Liar Game, i hope you guys woyld tell them to “gets to steppin”

  • chaos redefined

    @oh please: While I do not agree with some of null’s actions on the issue, you have got things confused. First, null never said anything negative to PLG. That was entirely the fanbase. Null offered to work with PLG, PLG accepted and then disappeared. However, when null started working on the project again, it wasn’t long before they stopped, at which stage, FrugsnFriends and ShunshengFTW each released one chapter, each with poor quality, then cityshrimp took over. Please note that three groups have taken over nulls work, and null has done nothing. Then, when Ryusui took over, there are still no comments from null. The only thing that null has done wrong is gone slow with the releases. The stuff that happened between them and PLG was the fanbase getting up PLG.

  • Hundredfire

    That’s so “The young and the Restless”-ish of a story.
    Anyways, “ganbate kudasai~” to ryusui ^^

  • adien

    will new chapter be soon or water your are having a break due to personal maters or issues with other groups . still hoping for next chapter

  • scrat03

    by the way doesn’t anyone thought that Akyama bluffed about defeating bald guy?(you know, all this”wish you were never born” and so on)
    he simply can’t defeat him – without baldy Akyama’s group wouldn’t get necessary amount of votes.
    they don’t get enough votes – they can’t remove his chair
    so baldy was simply too dumb to understand this)

  • Ryusui

    The fact remains that Akiyama had all the information he needed to destroy him. If Baldy had rejected Akiyama’s offer only for Akiyama to take the leader election anyway, Akiyama would have no doubt kept good on his threat – especially considering that he had already guessed Baldy would try to steal a chair from them.

  • scrat03

    but Akyama can’t vote against baldy.
    he know baldy’s number, but he can’t win in elections.
    and without one more person, Akyama’s group…um, don’t know what will happen next in manga
    but without Baldy Harimoto’s group would win in elections. not Nao.
    so, yeah, he know number, but can’t use this.

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