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Liar Game Chapter #106: Deception

by on Mar.18, 2010, under Scanlations

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Nao and Akiyama make plans as the fourth round finally begins in earnest. But has Takashi “Robes” Harimoto already won with his first move?


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  • Will

    Ahh dammit! I understand the hero being outsmarted can be necessary for the plot, but I still dun like it!

  • Harimoto

    Yaay, thanks for another great episode ;D I do not get why you are the only ones translating Liar Game when it is such an excellent manga ;O

    Keep up the good work ;O

  • Irankoa

    Thank you soo much *.*

    This was great chapter, but why Akiyama was tricked in such…hmm how to say that unsmart way!?

    But I have hope that Nao will help him too in this game – she gets stronger and stronger I am afraid that one day she will be stronger than Akiyama 😛

    Anyway that was great chap and I can’t wait for the future progress in the game.

    Thanks a lot :*

  • Nick of All Trades

    No matter how I count, it seems likely that everyone will find at least one chair. However, the odds of having to compete about said chair is phenomenal!

    Again, the extras proves useful. They now acts as extra eyes on the lookout for more chairs, and as votees. Since it would be a poor idea to eliminate the chairs you have found from now on, it is not that obvious what chair one should eliminate. “The strongest ones’ ” seems to be the most obvious answer, which means that everyone else have a common interest. Realising that, it is merely a question of chosing a “leader” to eliminate his chair. The extras, in stark contrast, would vote on the person who would offer the greatest chance of the greatest reward, which would probably be the strongest one. Right now they are at disadvantage, of course, as they are fewer in numbers, but if the players don’t realise this, they will probably vote for themselves, an option the extras doesn’t have to beging with.

    As for Fukunaga, I am still not convinced s/he is completely eliminated from Liar Game. It has never been anything but assumed, and the fact that s/he will never actually compete in the fourth round aside, s/he was indeed eligible to be an extra, not unlike anyone else who will progressively lose in this game. It seems to me that part of the purpose behind the preliminary was to create the extras.

    Thank you, Watercrown, for sparing me the agonies of Liar Game withdrawal!

  • cityshrimp

    next please!

  • ulqcraze

    Thanks man, awesome release!

    just 2 bad it takes so long, but im not complaining.

  • thespot

    Excellent!!! thanks so much for translating this! such a great manga!

    I’m sure that Nao and Fukunaga will make a difference in this game! hehe

  • Laura

    Not trying to sound mean but..hurry please? :[

    But great chapter 🙂

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