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Super Robot Wars Logo Photoshop

In early 2006, Atlus rocked the gaming world by announcing the highly improbable: a U.S. release for not one, but two games in the legendary Super Robot Wars franchise. Granted, the two games were for GBA, and they feature only Banpresto’s original mecha and characters, thus avoiding the thorny licensing issues that have thus far grounded the series in Japan: hence the subtitle, “Original Generation”. But what confounded the gaming public – more so than the inexplicably eye-wrenching font used in all the menues and episode titles – is how, due to the existence of a TV series in the United States called “Robot Wars” and its producers who would quite probably raise a stink over the “plagiarization” of their title, Atlus went with the title of “Super Robot Taisen”.

Seeing how SRW was already a big “maybe” over here, more so seeing how the games would feature none of the legendary ubermecha like Mazinger, Getter Robo or Gundams that made the games so popular in Japan (and sought after abroad), it makes a certain sort of sense…or maybe I’m just being lenient on them for making this miracle possible to begin with. Either way, I still like the style of their English logo for the series, and if we see the recently-announced Super Robot Wars: Original Generations for PS2 in the United States, here’s hoping the logo we get looks something like this:

This was created using the logo image on Atlus’ official website for the game and edited by yours truly. I use “Photoshopped” in its most broad application: the program I actually used was The GiMP, an excellent freeware program which I use for all my image editing needs.

Feel free to use it in all your Super Robot Wars-related projects, as long as you make sure you credit both Atlus and yours truly.

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