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Solarobo 4koma Chapter 2: Dahaka

by on Jun.25, 2010, under Watercrown Productions

Yes, I’m well aware that according to the official website, Red’s robot is officially “DAHAK-AZI03”. The katakana says “Dahaka”, which I admit is a lame excuse by my own standards, but it’s certainly less of a mouthful – plus, it’s a mythological reference, so now you know how Prince of Persia and Final Fantasy XIII got to have Dahakas of their own as well.

Read it in the original Japanese here.


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  • chaos_redefined

    Just so you know, I am reading these. I just don’t have much to comment about them.

  • chaos_redefined

    You guys still alive?

  • Ryusui

    Yeah. Just been busy with other things. Sorry to keep everyone hanging with #3, #4 and #5.

    And yes, I’ll keep calling it Solarobo, even if the official name is now Solatorobo or Sola-to-Robo or whatever.


    What the hell are you guys doing? You did such an awesome job on breath of fire 2. I come here to thank you and see you scanlating this diarrhea. WTF.

    Seriously though, hacking the watercrown image, and music into the bofII intro blew my mind

    • Ryusui

      Yeah, that was d4s’ work. Though the alternate intro theme (“Through the Fire and Flames”) was the result of my random experimentation (it just worked so well!), and there were some people who wanted the original title screen music back, so I created another alternate intro that cut out the animation and used the original music.

      As for Solatorobo (as it’s called now), I suggest you familiarize yourself. I’ve got a serious backlog of these to finish up on, and yes, there are other projects you might be more interested in that I’m working on.


    I see. That is one good looking DS game, although that manga doesn’t look too appealing to me.

    You translated Sound Effects, though so that’s cool. A lot of scanlators don’t touch those.

  • Ryusui

    It’s the SFX that’ve hung me up. ^_^; It’s not hard to make new SFX, but it’s a pain redrawing the background so there aren’t ugly gaps where the old SFX used to be.

  • justarandomguy

    hey, could you do liar game scanlations again? nobody’s doing them, its been stuck at chapter 137 for months :

  • justarandomguy

    oh.. i see. thought the other scanlators dropped it. thanks anyway 🙂

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