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Murakumo OP Music Video

I have to confess. The song used in the Japanese commercial, Do As Infinity’s “Under the Sun”, pretty much sold me on this game. Unfortunately, the game didn’t live up to its potential in the least, and my precious song was conspicuously absent. (Not Ubi Soft’s fault; the song wasn’t in the Japanese version either. Blame them instead for the crappy boxart.)

Maybe it’s because of my previous experience with Tail Concerto’s missing OP theme (find Yoko Shimomura’s “For Little Tail” and see for yourself: the song fits the intro cutscene perfectly, even more so if you know some Japanese), but one day I couldn’t help but try playing “Under the Sun” while watching Murakumo’s intro with the TV muted.

Lo and behold. They matched up. Almost conspiratorially so. And this music video was the end result.

Right-click here and click “Save Link As” to download (WMV format).

My best guess is that this was intentionally made to match the beat of “Under the Sun”, but there was a licensing dispute/some exec changed his mind at the last minute/there was a “miscommunication”. Or it could just be some animator was inspired to mess with our heads. The music for the “teaser” scene at the end of The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai for the aborted “Buckaroo Banzai vs. the World Crime League” movie wasn’t finished when they filmed the scene, so they played “Uptown Girl” in the background because it had the same tempo.

…It probably fit better than what they chose to replace “For Little Tail” in Tail Concerto.

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