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Liar Game Chapter #112: Union

by on May.13, 2010, under Scanlations

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Nao Kanzaki takes the second leader election and strikes a blow for the Akiyama Group. However, this inspires Yokoya to make a calculated move that will shift the balance of power…


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  • SDR

    Great job on this one.

    Omg, just one chapter more and we’ll be able to read TEN chapters at once <3

    Who's gonna scanlate 113? TDX or you guys?

    Oh and Akiyama is screwed for the time being, unless he get more of those random players to join him. Even though is likely that Harimoto betrays (and pwns) Yokoya anytime soon…

  • Ryusui

    I’ve got 113 translated; I’m just waiting on the cleans.

  • silvara4ever

    YES!! I love you guys!!!!


  • scrat03

    thanks a lot!
    why it has taken so much time to translate?
    (almost a month!)
    (sorry for my poor English – not native speaker))

  • Ryusui

    Stuff came up. ^_^;

    #113 will come shortly.

  • BP01

    Thanks for the chapter! (Even if it took a while…) It’s good to hear that the next chapter shouldn’t take too long, since it’s translated :3 (especially since it’s ended on a cliffhanger D:)

    Anyway, is the stuff that came up over, or will there be another gap soon? =

    (FCBVYREM: V enaqbzyl ybbxrq ng gur svefg cntr bs puncgre 114 be 115 be fbzrguvat, naq vg fnvq gung gur Nxvlnzn tebhc fgbc tbvat gb gur yrnqre ryrpgvbaf… Fb V xabj sbe n snpg gung gurl qb gung sbe ng yrnfg bar ebhaq, ohg V unir ab vqrn ubj znal gvzrf gurl qb vg be jul gurl qb vg be nalguvat ryfr, fb guvf vf zr xabjvat gung bar nfcrpg bs gur pbapyhfvba naq svyyvat va gur erfg jvgu ybtvp.)

    Vs Lbxbln naq Unevzbgb unir grnzrq hc, gurer’f ab jnl Nxvlnzn trg jva gur ryrpgvba, hayrff ur tbg gjb be guerr zber crbcyr gb wbva uvf grnz. Ohg gung’f abg tbbq, nf vg jbhyq or fcernqvat gurve erfbheprf gbb guvayl (va grezf bs punvef naq zrqnyf) naq gurl’q or bcravat gurzfryirf hc gb crbcyr jub qba’g frrz gb arrq vg (nf rirelbar unf orra frngrq va gur cnfg pbhcyr bs ebhaqf) be creuncf rira gur Unevzbgb tebhc’f zlfgrel svsgu zrzore, juvpu jbhyq yrg gur Unevzbgb tebhc xabj nyy bs Nxvlnzn’f punvef.

    Gurersber, gur ryrpgvbaf ner cbvagyrff sbe Nxvlnzn. Ubjrire, rirelbar ryfr jvyy or ng gur yrnqre ryrpgvba, juvpu zrnaf gung vs Nxvlnzn qbrf abg tb gb gur ryrpgvbaf, uvf tebhc pna qb jungrire gurl jnag jvgubhg srne bs orvat qvfpbirerq/fcvrq ba/jungrire. Gur Nxvlnzn tebhc pna qb jungrire gurl jnag, fhpu nf… gnxr bgure crbcyr’f punvef. Shxhantn naq Sbhe Rlrf pna sbyybj n zrzore bs gur Lbxbln/Unevzbgb tebhc nsgre gur ryrpgvba, naq svaq bhg jurer gung crefba’f punve vf. Nsgre gurl yrnir gb tb gb gur ryrpgvba, gurl pna gura fgrny vg; fvapr Shxhantn naq Sbhe Rlrf ner rkgenf, gurl qba’g arrq gb jbeel nobhg trggvat gb n punve nsgre sbyybjvat gur crefba. Creuncf gur cynlref va gur Nxvlnzn tebhc pna ybbx sbe punvef qhevat gur ryrpgvbaf be sbyybj fbzrbar, gura dhvpxyl tb gb gurve punvef, ohg (cebivqrq Shxhantn naq Sbhe Rlrf pna fgnyx jvgubhg orvat abgvprq) gurl ner onfvpnyyl thnenagrrq gjb punvef. Gurl jbhyq tnva gjb punvef, ohg ybfr bar sebz gur ryrpgvba, fb gurl jbhyq tnva bar punve va gur raq NAQ gnxvat njnl punvef sebz gur Lbxbln/Unevzbgb tebhc. Nyfb, orpnhfr gur Lbxbln/Unevzbgb tebhc cynlref arrq gb tb gb gur gbgrz cbyr orsber gurl fvg, rira vs gurl pngpu ba gb Nxvlnzn’f cyna, gurl pna’g fgbc Shxhantn naq Sbhe Rlrf sebz fgrnyvat gur punvef nf gurl arrq gb yrnir gurz gb tb gb gur gbgrz cbyr.

  • Ryusui

    Having read 114-116 myself (raw Japanese, no less!)…

    Ng svefg, vg frrzf nf vs gur Nxvlnzn Tebhc vf fvzcyl hfvat gur rkgen gjragl zvahgrf gurl trg sebz oblpbggvat gur ryrpgvbaf gb qb nf gurl cyrnfr, frrxvat bhg punvef jvgubhg vagresrerapr sebz gur bgure tebhcf be cynlref. V jba’g fcbvy jung gurl’er npghnyyl gelvat gb nppbzcyvfu, ohg V fhttrfg lbh ernq gur qrnyref’ bofreingvbaf va puncgre 112 pybfryl. Nfx lbhefrys: jung’f qvssrerag abj gung gur Nxvlnzn Tebhc unf fgbccrq ibgvat?

    Anyways. I don’t know if I’ll be redoing 114 and onward since TDX has already done them, but I will say this: I do not like his translation style. Leaving terms untranslated isn’t “stylish” or “cool”: it’s lazy, unless you have an incredibly good reason for it. Still, Liar Game has already had its fair share of drama.

    But I will continue if I have the community’s support.

  • shana

    AMAZING job guys!! Everyone at Mangafox really appreciates it, as Im sure you know. Cant WAIT for 113! So exciting…^^

  • BP01

    Uzzz… vagrerfgvat. V jvyy arrq gb tb onpx naq ybbx ng 112 fbbare. Nf sbe jung’f qvssrerag… Bar guvat V pna guvax bs evtug abj vf gung vs Nxvlnzn vfa’g ibgvat, Unevzbgb naq Lbxbln unir ab ernfba gb nyyl. V’yy unir gb guvax nobhg vg n yvggyr zber yngre, gbb…

    I haven’t read the TDX scanlations (I looked at one page and it didn’t seem that great from what I saw =) so I can’t really say whether I think it’s worth it for you to do 114+…

  • Ryusui

    Uzzz… vagrerfgvat. V jvyy arrq gb tb onpx naq ybbx ng 112 fbbare. Nf sbe jung’f qvssrerag… Bar guvat V pna guvax bs evtug abj vf gung vs Nxvlnzn vfa’g ibgvat, Unevzbgb naq Lbxbln unir ab ernfba gb nyyl. V’yy unir gb guvax nobhg vg n yvggyr zber yngre, gbb…

    Rknpgyl. :3

  • BP01

    Oh, lol. I suppose once that’s been accomplished, they can just swoop back in there and pwn everyone 😀

  • chaos_redefined

    I agree with Ryusui about leaving terms such as gaya as lazy. However, there has been enough drama, and people are trying to make more, so it’s probably best if you get a hold of TDX and discuss it with him. I would prefer if we got the new material translated, rather than the TDX-translated chapters retranslated, but it’s up to you and him.

  • anon

    TDX’s translations weren’t nearly as good as yours, but the story came through either way, so I’d prefer it if you just went ahead and scanlated 125+. Although I’m sure you’d make 114-124 a lot more understandable, I’m more interested in finding out what happens next than getting a clearer understanding of what has already occurred.

  • silvara4ever

    Is there a chapter 125 (and +)? How many raw chaptars are out at this point?

  • Ryusui

    Yes, Liar Game doesn’t end at chapter 125; no, the raws beyond that point aren’t commonly available. I’ve heard that they exist; I just haven’t been able to find any yet.

  • Kristie

    who’s TDX? and what does SDR mean by saying: “Omg, just one chapter more and we’ll be able to read TEN chapters at once <3"
    i'm really lost now o.o
    anyways, do you guys notice Liar Game is on Top Viewed Manga one onemanga now? i remember it used to be quite unpopular.

  • Ryusui

    TDX has been scanlating Liar Game from the most recent commonly-available chapters backward. Yes, that means we’re going to meet in the middle.

    So once 113 is done, all the chapters from here to 125 will be available in English (for a certain value of “English”, in some cases).

  • Kristie

    so from 114 onwards English Liar Game comic is available? as in on stores?

  • Ryusui

    No, I mean that MangaFox has chapters 114 and onward, done by a different scanlator.

    One who doesn’t bother to translate important terms. >_<#

  • Kristie

    oh, i get it. (why would they scan it backwards -___-) well you could still publish it in onemanga and mangahelpers. lots of people would still read yours i guess.

  • Martello

    (why would they scan it backwards -___-)

    Not again.
    Sorry. I have already occupied mangahelpers.

  • chaos_redefined

    Main reason to go backwards is so that confusion on who is translating what only happens once (Specifically, right now). Also, to prevent excessive transitions between terms. TDX, for example, does not translate the word for extras, while Ryusui does. Imagine having to switch between extras and gaya every chapter.

  • Danaroth

    Go with #113 guys and thanks for the hard work.

  • Blah

    Sorry for this rather pointless question, but i havent read and prob will not read the tdx chaps untill youve released 113.

    but is the tdx translations accurate? i mean liar game is complex enough, i honestly wouldnt want to be confused by a mistranslation.

    So @Ryusui, without bias, is their translations accurate? should i risk reading theirs?

    • Ryusui

      I don’t doubt that his translations are “accurate”, but from my own experiences and what I’ve heard, there’s not a lot of regard in there for the English language, which is something I find frustrating about many fan “translators” (and a few professional ones).

      See, “accuracy” is really a poor measurement of translation quality. An “accurate” translation is just a mechanical conversion of the source material into the target language. If you’ve ever played the original English “translation” of Breath of Fire 2, you know exactly what an “accurate” translation looks like: apart from a handful of mistakes and inconsequential bowdlerizations, the script is practically a word-for-word conversion of the original Japanese. And it’s infamous for being one of the worst translations of all time, not because it’s an objectively bad translation, but because it reads like “See Spot Run”. That, FYI, is the reason why I signed on to do the English script for the retranslation project (and, ultimately, took it over completely ^_^;).

      For a more relevant example: “Gaya” doesn’t mean “Extras”. It means “the sound of background chatter”. And if you want background chatter in a movie or TV show, then who do you hire? Extras. Given a choice between “direct translation” (which would be awkward in this case) and “leave it untranslated” (which is just plain lazy), I picked the third option: “improvise.” And I think my translation is better for it.

      I trust TDX to tell the story, but I don’t trust him to do it justice. Be prepared for awkward grammar and randomly untranslated vocab. Yes, BTW, he did provide a translation for chapter 109, and I did credit him for it, but just so you’re all clear on this: it only sped up the process. I double-checked everything myself, and most of what I actually put down only resembles his translation in general meaning.

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