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Liar Game Chapter #108: Friendship

by on Apr.06, 2010, under Scanlations

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Yokoya is back in action, unleashing his clever scheme to steal chairs from the other players. Four-Eyes ends up on the wrong end of his plans, and Nao gives him the chair she found to save him from elimination. But with minutes to go before the game begins, can she afford to?


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  • drawkward

    Great work, keep it up! It’s greatly appreciated!

  • jimjim



  • Lando

    Thank you so much! great work!

    Yokoya is amazing, he has already taken 4 chairs! O_o

  • jimjim

    what yokoya did was so simple, i wouldn’t have needed ~40 minutes to do what he did. he even made his followers tired for running around senselessly!

    i wonder what strategy akiyama did.. ^_^

  • jimjim

    another thing,

    to theryusui,

    come on! don’t include the WHOLE chapter summary on your post. i mean, come on! your releases aren’t really that fast yet when you do publish a release, you *ruin* our experience by posting the summary of the chapter. i don’t mind the rate of you releases as long as its consistent, but may you please, please not include chapter summaries? you may post a quick recap of the story so far, so readers may recall what happened in the previous chapters, or *entice* the readers by posting a brief and vague teaser.

    HOWEVER, if you are releasing a chapter a day, then, what the hell! post whatever you want. put spoilers in the post title even. you can’t imagine what kind of *privileges* you can get when you do the *a chapter a day* release. the whole world [wide web] will worship you! you will hear your name echo wherever you go. pretty girls will line up your doorstep just to get a glimpse of you–what more will they do to spend a few moments with you! you will no longer have a hard time scoring chicks! you can look back to the girl(/s) who dumped you on highschool and say, “Wrong move, babe~”.

    ALL THESE PRIVILEGES ARE READY TO BE YOURS. a little bit of hardwork and sacrifice is all you need. you need time for translating the raw files? wake up early! time for cleaning and typesetting? refrain from going to the toilet! this will save you precious minutes, even hours!

    i hope you can see the LIMITLESS possibilities [and benefits!] of this scenario. you are the one man who has the potential for greatness, don’t let yourself be hindered by such earthly obligations like dayjobs and social interactions! FAME is within your reach! GRAB IT!

  • Gouda

    ^^^ I agree with above poster. Not about the chapter a day nonsense, but about the summary. Why spoil the chapter in the post? If you cant think of anything else to type just leave it blank, and discuss the chapter in the comments.

  • Mitsuki

    Chapter 108! Finally! (TwT)❤

    I had watched the raws and I could understand a few things, but I would never have imagined that Nao would give her chair to Four-Eyes. It’s so touching to see that she keeps worrying about the others so much she sacrifices herself despite she could do otherwise (TwT)

    Nao is definitely my favourite character ever❤

    I can’t wait to see what has happened to Akiyama and how Nao will manage to survive! I hope nothing bad happens to them (>_<)

  • jimjim

    a chapter a day is not nonsense! theryusui, can you prove to him that it is not nonsense? we can teach this guy a lesson about how important release rates are.. ^_^

  • Irankoa

    Thank you for the next chapter 🙂

    Jimjim – please calm down I am also editor and I can understand how many time it takes and besides we still only humans – sometimes we are laisy too:P.

    I am happy that someone working on it – and this work is really good – because I remember times when I have to wait for one chapter per month. So cheer up^^

    Keep your great job guys 🙂

    Nao your the best ever – but what will you do now?? Maybe Fukanaga has some plan??

    Yokoya that strategy was genious – really – that smart that I almost laught to death 🙂

  • Lando

    I agree with Irankoa, editors are still humans, I do also want to know what happens in the next chapter, but asking for one chapter a day is non-realistic.

    Anyway, thanks Watercrown, you’re doing an excellent job!

    P.D: Sorry if I made some grammar mistakes, I’m still learning english

  • Commoner

    ahaha irankoa’s comment made me laugh..haha..where’d you get those sentences man? babelfish? hahahaaha

  • Ryusui

    1. Irankoa never said English was his first language. Go to MangaHelpers and you’ll see that they have scanlations for languages all over the globe. He could be an editor for one of those. Remember: when you ASS-U-ME…

    2. There is only one Ryusui. DO NOT IMPERSONATE.

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