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Liar Game Chapter #107: Maneuver

by on Mar.29, 2010, under Scanlations

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Nao takes the first chair for the Akiyama Group – but how best to protect her discovery? In the meantime, Akiyama races to find the three chairs marked on his map, but the Harimoto Group seems to have gotten to them first. Is it already game over for Nao and Akiyama?


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  • ulqcraze

    wow, first to comment, thanx for the release and it’s another great chapter!

    great quality and all…

    would I be out of line to ask for faster releases???

  • Anonymous

    Although I understand this is a long, grueling process, I really can’t wait for the next scanlation to be finished! Someone had posted up summaries of Liar Game up to Chapter 107 ages ago, and now that your scanlations have finally caught up, I (and many others) will finally get to see what happens next!

    Can’t wait!

  • shushane

    Another great scan…. THanks soo much!

  • borabosna

    thanks a lot!!!

  • Danaroth

    Thanks for the chapter; I don’t care about the speed of releases as far as they are pretty regular as they are being right now 🙂 It also seems there are some of the later chapters already out, so as soon as you fill up the gap left by the other groups it will be more than awesome.

  • jimjim

    hey danaroth what are you talking about? what later chapters being out? where did you find em?

  • Danaroth

    Chapters 119-124 are translated by another team already (not sure about it, but I think they started with chapter 124 and continued backwards up to chapter 119).

    I don’t want to spam links in any way but it’s easy to find those if you click on the second link in this post itself 🙂 I haven’t checked those nor I won’t do it in any way since they would be quite a massive spoiler, so I don’t know the quality of releases at all.

  • Nick of All Trades

    So, ten minutes or so into the game, Nao and Akiyama have each found a chair, and Harimoto have found three chairs but lost one? This appears to be superb indeed! Thank you, Watercrown!

    So, what have we learned from this chapter? Well, we know now for sure that Harimoto is awesome. We also know that Akiyama has not lost his awesomeness (might be superfluos, but remember he was totally pwned in the last chapter, so people might need to be reminded). And we know that Akiyama knows about Harimoto. We have also gotten a good look on the overview of the island. Looks like the playfield is no bigger than two thirds. Also, the rational move after finding a chair seems to be to hide it. This dramatically decreases the odds of finding a chair one would need to compete about. Still, Nao and Akiyama shouldn’t rest just yet.

    Even Harimoto should be more cautious from now on. He has lost one out of three chairs, and the next round he will need to switch. I sure hope the Leader doesn’t eliminate the chair he needs, cause then he will really be in trouble… unless he finds even more chairs, which is not unlikely.

  • Danaroth

    One thing I never understood really. Isn’t it better to just carry around all the chairs you find instead than hiding them? Is there some part in the explanation where I missed that it isn’t admitted to carry around more than one chair? O.O Are those uber heavy or what?

    Supposedly since force isn’t admitted there isn’t anyone that can steal your chair right off your hands.

    There sure is a reason that makes better to hide the chairs (not making the other know the number of a chair you found and not slowing down) but I still see much more advantages in carrying all of them instead than just hiding.

    Also there is one of the rule that was intentionally not explained much right now; those tokens will make an huge difference in the end. Each of those can be either worthless (if the name written on those loses) or 100million yen worthy (if the name ends up as the winner). Those will probably make an huge difference when choosing the leader each time since the tokens will probably be used as currency soon enough (yet they aren’t contracts like in the downsizing game so people won’t be committed to actually vote for the person they promised to give the vote to).

    So I do suspect there will be more than one person winning money at the end 🙂

  • Ryusui

    You’ll have to put those chairs down sometime in order to sit in them. And when that happens…

    Remember, the chair won’t register the seat as yours unless you have both hands on the armrests. Afterwards, all you have to do is keep your right hand in contact, but there is still a small window where someone could grab the other chair…and even if they’re obviously stalking you, what are you gonna do when time runs out? Are you gonna keep holding onto those chairs even if it means getting eliminated, or are you gonna sit down even though he’s gonna steal whichever one you don’t sit down in?

  • Danaroth

    Sure thing; I was thinking about collecting the most I could and handing them to Fukunaga 🙂

    Also I was thinking that the penalty for the “force” act weren’t that high anyway compared to the gain you could have from it, so one random force act would be eventually justified even if the spirit of the manga is usually to never use it at all.

  • Lando

    What about mobile phones? Did I miss where they say you can’t use them in the last rounds? In second round you couldn’t use them, except after voting and before the next round. In this game they would be very useful.

    And in the pandemic game… you could have taken a photo of your status with it, including there the hour on your watch. I supose they are forbidden, but the officers (?) don’t explain it.

    P.D: Sorry for my bad english, sure there are a lot of grammar mistakes

  • Ryusui

    No, you got your point across just fine.

    Pay close attention to Yokoya’s conversation with Forelock and Chubby in one scene. Chubby says things would go faster if they had cellphones, but Yokoya points out that they’d never get a signal out there.

    So coordinating a search using cellphones would be pretty much impossible (short-range walkie-talkies, on the other hand, would be a different story). As for why cellphones weren’t used in the Pandemic Game…well, I guess the only real answer is “they just weren’t”. But visual proof could very well be a double-edged sword: don’t forget, the reason why trust is so hard to come by in the Pandemic Game is because lying has its advantages in the right circumstances. A piece of hard evidence that the other players could point to might have repercussions later.

  • cityshrimp


    next chapter.

  • fra

    with next chapter you mean… next chapter? now?

  • Irankoa

    Thanks for the next chapter 🙂

    This was funny – Nao in action rulz 😛

    I am curious what about others – maybe Fukunaga will find some more chairs ??

    Anyway good job and I am waiting for more ^^

    Good luck 🙂

  • cityshrimp

    by next chapter, i mean the chapter *after* the 107th. i don’t know how you count but in our place, it’s called the 108th.

  • Kaeru

    Thanks for the chapter ^^

    Im getting to like Nao more and more, funny thing because for the first two games I would have just left her, she was unbearable to me… Also, I cant remember clearly, but the LGT staff only prohibited taking chairs out from the boundaries, so its okay to break them? That would be helpful if it works.

  • Miria

    Thank you so much for translating this! Looking forward to the next chapter 🙂

  • Gouda

    Im saddened. look at how fast cityshrimp puts out bartender chapters…. I wish he wouldve kept liar game so that we didnt have to wait 10 days in between chapters..


    I just took a look at cityshirmp’s website, and I could see that that group is releasing just a bit faster. Where is your point? Watercrown does 4 releases a month which equals to one release a week. If you’re unhappy with that, you can always start helping this group by translating some chapters.

  • Laura

    Ooo, interesting 😮

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