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Liar Game Chapter #105: Strategy

by on Mar.07, 2010, under Scanlations

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The Liar Game team has a new member, ladies and gentlemen. Say hello to SLAiNTRAX: he’s taking care of cleaning the scans from here on out, adding an extra professional touch to future releases.

SLAiNTRAX is also the proprietor of Club Carisma, home of scanlations for racing manga Initial D and Over Rev! – and from here on out, Liar Game as well.


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  • Will

    Good job ryusui and SLAiNTRAX. I really like the quality of this release and am very grateful. Good cleaning and translating altogether 😉

  • Tom

    I was just doing a daily routine check up on onemanga and to my surpise I saw a new chapter of liar game! I just wanted to thank the Watercrown team for continuing liar game, it really is a great manga. I really appreciate this :).

  • Ikirtar

    Thank you for the release 🙂

  • Zhouily

    Nice quick chapter! And good job on the cleaning, SLAiNTRAX, glad to see this team getting some help.

    I was surprised at how the contestants didn’t actually sit in the seats themselves, but I guess that might be against the rules. I think the trick of this game is to have as many ‘extras’ as you possibly can have on your side, but I’m not really sure how you’d convince them that you’re going to win.

    Love the ‘alley-oop!’ comment by Nao, so cute!

  • WTH

    Now THAT’S a real good release !

    I take off my hat to you.

  • Anon

    Thank you for the release! I love how Liar Game releases are coming faster thanks to Watercrown 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    Loving the work SLAiNTRAX did btw, wonderful quality!

  • Heartnet

    Thank you for the release, and good work Watercrown team 🙂

    10 minutes each round, and Nao said that it took her about 20 minutes to circle the island…I think one strategy they’ll do is have an extra sit on an unoccupied chair, pretending that the chair was already removed (the numbers are hidden when someone sits on it) then give it to their contestant.

  • Irankoa

    Thank you sooo much !!! The scanlation is even better than before 🙂

    Fukanaga rulz all the way – I still can’t imagine that he/she 😛 lost – It’ll be sad to say goodbye to him/her after this game 🙁

    I can’t wait what happen next!

    Great wish for all of you :*

  • Chaos Redefined

    There may be another revival round after this one, so Fukanaga may not be disappearing for long. This round is like round 3: it’s possible to win and lose money.

  • Skaijo

    Thank you very much for the releases. To be honest, you guys are doing a great job, and this is without a doubt the best translation/clean up I’ve seen on any project. Hope to see more from you soon but I understand that you all aren’t robots. So have some fun in-between your work and know that your efforts will always be appreciated by fans!

  • adien

    thx for chapter i think because of only 1 winner i this round there will be either other game to decide who will go to next round or to go there you will need at least 1 coin with winners name . about this round i am curious if they can use cell phones and if they can move chairs over island like they did in practice game

  • Nick of All Trades

    @Aiden: Why? In the second round there were only one winner (although there was a possibility of two). There will most likely be a revival round though, so I think Akagi will probably win. If it is anything like the third round, it will probably be something like: The winner will be the literal winner of the game, and the money he cashed out will be considered earnings.

    @Zhouli: I guess that is why this is the epitome of Liar Game. You will need as many extras on your party as possible for the lowest possible expense. The extras would naturally follow the player who rewards them the most cash unless they are certain a single player will win. And as they will end up depending on the extras anyway, you will need to pull off one heck of a story.

    I certainly think I am going to enjoy this ark. Thanks alot, Watercrown!

    I also think it would be a bad move to remove chairs you already sat in at this point, since chairs you know the location of, even those you can’t sit in, will soon become very valueable.

  • Wstar

    Awesome chapter.. Fukunaga rulz.

    Thx a lot guys. =)

  • jalize

    chaos, you’re wrong, fukunaga can’t participate in the revival round since she, -I mean, he – didn’t make it to the fourth round, he/she was disqualified before getting to it. This was clearly explained at the beginning of the qualifiers. She might still be able to come as representative of someone, though.

    Thanks Watercrown,!

  • Chaos Redefined

    @Jalize: Considering that previous rounds have not included any indication of a revival round, except where Akiyama specifically asked about it, we have not got enough information to assume that Fukanaga can’t make it to a revival round.

  • jalize

    I think it was implied in chapter 84, page 27. Meaning that you can participate in the revival round if you loose in the game, but if you don’t even make it to the game, no revival round for you.

    Well, that’s just how I see things, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Will

    @Jalize and Chaos

    I don’t think there’ll be another revival round. If they keep having revival round how’s the whole liar game gonna end? lol

  • adien

    well 4 round qualification was about getting rid of as many ppl as possible so no need to get Fukunaga back ,also because now we have nao Akiyama akagi, Yokoya and this old man so there is plenty main chars.

    @Nick of All Trades

    agree with not eliminating chair on which you know location because if you have associate you can just exchange location with him in next round and then again so unless somebody get there first or eliminate it you and your friend will have easy to find chair

  • cityshrimp

    geez, you’re releases are real slooooooooow. null would be so proud of you.

  • Ryusui

    Hey, only slightly worse than “weekly” isn’t bad. ^_^;

  • jimjim

    don’t be discouraged by *those* people, ryusui. just do your best!^_^~

  • Lando

    Actually watercrown is releasing 1,037 chapters per week. It’s a good speed, keep up the good work! ^^

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