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Liar Game Chapter #104: Musical Chairs

by on Mar.05, 2010, under Scanlations

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This one goes out to all of you who thought the players who lost the qualifiers would be used as the “chairs”. Close, but no cigar. Better luck next time.

This one also goes to all of you who insist on leaving Japanese names in their unreversed “family name first” order. Page 11 is really all I’m gonna say on the subject.

Enjoy, and sorry for the delay.

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  • yvan

    Thanx for the chapter ,i appreciate ^^

  • Nick of All Trades

    I like this chapter. I really do wonder what’s the deal with those extras. Maybe they can work in favour of some of the players, like occupying the chairs or something for them.

    Did I get this straight, or does the winning money go to the people possessing the meddalions with the winner’s name on? If that is the case, can they be used to manipulate the extras in favour of themselves, by handing them out? And who will be considered “winner” and what will be considered “winnings”? If it is like the third round, the winner is not neccesserily the one with the most money, but will he/she need to pay out half of the total of what he/she earned, or half of the 2.3 billion?

    It looks like this round is going to be pretty awesome!

  • Raysen_ht

    I haven’t read the chapter yet, so i’ll coment on that later…

    Just had to say how much i apreciate your work!! Thx a lot!!

  • muffin1man

    Thx for picking this series up! Can’t for Ms.-no, MR. Fukunaga to explain the strategy!

  • Zhouily

    Thanks for another chapter! Keep up the good job.

    Guess I was wrong about the musical chairs, but I can see why they have the extras there now. The extras don’t need to touch the totem to occupy a seat, so they can blackmail the contestants in handing over their chips. Problem is, they’d have to help the person win otherwise their chips are worthless.

    And the penalty for using force seems kind of out of place. If you were one of the last two, you’ll definitely get 2.3 billion if you punch out the other person, so losing that penalty money isn’t that much of a deal.

    Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  • Wstar

    Thx a bunch for the chapter.

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